About Chapter and Verse Holmes

The intention of this project was to provide a system whereby specific sentences in The Canon could referenced easily, modelled on the chapter and verse system of the Christian Bible. It is of little use if only one or two people have it. Therefore, I encourage anyone to share it. Feel free to share it via email, as a downloadable file on your own website, as a print out… whatever. I don’t mind. I’m not seeking to make money or website hits through this project. I just want to make it easier to talk about The Canon.

Just one note of caution: the last few stories of the Case-Book are still in copyright in the United States. This will not expire until 1st January 2023. Before this date, then, it would be illegal to share the full text in the U.S. and you should not do this. I have provided a U.S. version instead for use by anyone to whom U.S. copyright law applies.

The Canon text I have used is the easiest version I could get hold of in a downloadable format – that supplied by the wonderful sherlock-holm.es website.

Using Jay Finley Christ’s already established four-letter system for each of the sixty stories, Holmesians may now add digits representing chapter and verse. In this instance a “verse” is simply a sentence.

For those not used to the chapter and verse system, verses may be referred to as:


Using this method the first sentence of the second chapter of A Study In Scarlet may be given as simply “STUD 2:1” instead of having to write out the whole sentence: “We met next day as he had arranged, and inspected the rooms at No. 221b, Baker Street, of which he had spoken at our meeting.”

Stories which do not contain chapters will be referred to as a whole as chapter 1. The Yellow Face, for example, runs in its entirety from YELL 1:1 up to YELL 1:449.